The string trimmer or strimmer has been around since the 1970’s and it has already been tried and tested to work extremely well in terms of lawn and garden care. Through the years it has earned a lot of nicknames, the weed whacker being the most popular. But some also call it the weed eater or the weed whip, or simply, the grass trimmer. And so it is.

There are millions of people who own a weed whacker not just in the U. S. but also in different other countries, and they all seem very satisfied with its performance. However, due to the demand for a better string trimmer (also called s strimmer), manufacturers have come out with more advanced units such as cordless string trimmers that possess all the conveniences of a gas string trimmer and an electric corded string trimmer combined. They are light in weight, easy to operate, don’t need gas to run them, and only needs to be charged for a certain period of time before you can use them.

Most cordless string trimmers come with two batteries, to assure the user that the only interruption you will experience is the changing of batteries once the first one runs out of juice and so you have to replace it with a freshly-charged one. And it would only take you a few seconds to do that, and you’re up and running again.

When looking for a good unit, always make sure that you check on every string trimmer review you see online, so that you’ll know for sure you’ll end up with a good one. Don’t just focus on how heavy it is, try to find out if the weight is evenly distributed towards the rest of the unit so you’ll have better balance.


Read online reviews

Read up on customer reviews. Customers who already bought the product and used it usually have valuable words to share. Try not to focus too much on rants that don’t have anything to do with the product. Focus on its over all performance and how easy it is to use. When it comes to string trimmers, performance is just half of it. You have to make sure that you would be able to have a firm grip of it so it won’t be too hard for you to finish the task at hand.

String trimmers are excellent tools in keeping your lawn professionally maintained—without necessarily having to pay for a professional to do it. It’s all you. If that wouldn’t make you proud, we don’t know what will. Good luck!