If you’re tired of having to pay for someone to keep your lawn and garden professionally cut and well-maintained, now is as good time as any to start thinking of doing it yourself. And besides, it’s not as if the whole country can still afford to hire professional help on a regular basis. It’s time to take matters into your own hands. There is no better way to start familiarizing yourself with garden work than to learn what a string trimmer is, what exactly it can do, and how it can benefit you. Good thing there are plenty of string trimmer reviews to help you out. But before you go there, first there are a few things that you need to know about this wonderful piece of garden equipment.

String trimmers also go by other names—weed wackers, weed eaters, grass trimmers, line trimmers, so on and so forth. No matter what you decide to call them, they will always remain to be one of the most efficient gardening tools that could help you do the job of trimming your grass within the shortest amount of time possible.

Lawn tools are a good investment


Basically, string trimmers have three types: gas, corded electric and cordless. A gas string trimmer is the most powerful among the three. But it does have a few setbacks. Aside from the fact that it’s heavier than its electric and cordless cousins, it vibrates too. There is also that thing about fumes that might give you that uncomfortable, suffocating feeling through repeated use.

An electric string trimmer are quieter, and they vibrate less. They are lighter in weight and have reduced gas emissions. Cordless trimmers are the most convenient of the two as it combines all the features and benefits of both gas and electric string trimmers.

So which one would suit you best? Well that really depends on how big the area of your yard is. Electric string trimmers are best used on smaller-sized yards. But if you’re going to be dealing with some really big-sized yards, then it’s best for you to check on gas string trimmer reviews to find out which one would suit you best.

However, because there are now cordless units available that come with not just one, but two batteries, your chances of finishing the job faster without having to worry that you’ll be interrupted in the middle of your task because the battery just ran out of juice will be increased. Wouldn’t that be great?
Like what we said earlier, the string trimmer is one of the most efficient grass and weed-cutting tool you can have at home. Time for you to invest on one—or at least make the switch. Good luck!